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Your volunteer organization needs a comprehensive tool that relieves the burden of maintaining member contact and location information, and speeds information to your leaders and members – at very low cost and with no technical skills required!   Samariteam was created by a team of volunteers who identified an overwhelming need for secure, web-based technology to simplify management and streamline communication in programs like CERT, VIPS, and MRC - and many others!   Keep your volunteers engaged and informed, and simplify your role as leader so you can focus on training and education, not managing the details of your program!

Samariteam is your key to expanding your program

Samariteam offers a comprehensive suite of web-based solutions for your organization.   Volunteer management is made easy with member-maintained contact and location information and group e-mail capabilities - no more rosters to manage!   Mapping technology speeds your team management.  Calendars keep everyone aware of upcomming events and classes.   Samariteam technology is designed to set up a single website, or a hierarchy of sites that can share information "down the chain" to groups via calendars, newsletters, e-mail and text messaging..

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